It's a building that was born to serve. Since 1938, the Fenton Fire Hall has stood on the corner between a waterfall behind Fenton's City Hall and the Saarinen-designed community center. Since 1938, it has stood for more than just the home for the volunteer firefighters. It stood for service in the form of those who bravely bolted out of bed and into their boots racing to those in need. It stood for pancake breakfasts, parades and the kind of community chatter that goes down best with a bowl of chili and a beer. And its stood for something that has what it takes to stand the test of time.

The long and short of it, this building means more than bricks and mortar to a lot of people. As the Fenton Fire Hall Taproom and Kitchen, we're out to respect the building at every turn and deliver the kind of grub that's as honest as the building its served in. Woodfired grill. Legendary Mac & Cheese. 48 beers on tap. And all the care that the Union Joints family can put into a place. It's our honor to serve. From all of us, thank you for having us.


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ARTICHOKE & FENNEL DIP — Chopped artichoke & caramelized fennel with rosemary, lemon, smoked paprika, muenster & pecorino cheeses, served with grilled sourdough — 8.25

FIRE HALL FRIED PICKLES — Beer battered, served with Fire Hall mayo — 4.25

FIRESTICKS — Craft breadsticks with garlic butter & tomato basil sauce — 6.75

PULLED PORK NACHO — Pulled pork tossed in Woodshop NC sauce, Detroit corn tortilla chips, scratch-made nacho cheese sauce, house-pickled chiles, shredded romaine, chopped tomatoes, sour cream & green onion — 11.50

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WHITE CHILI — Vegetarian sausage, broad beans, fennel, rosemary & sage, topped with green onion

GREEN CHILI — Hand-cut pork shoulder, roasted tomatillo, jalapeño, cilantro, sour cream & corn tortilla strips

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CHOP SALAD Chopped romaine, red cabbage, spinach & baby kale, cucumber, grilled red onion, crushed roasted almonds, Woodshop Michigan maple bacon, cornbread croutons, house-made buttermilk blue cheese dressing — Small 6.25 / Large 11.25

SHAVED BRUSSELS SALAD Caramelized Brussel sprouts, dates, semi-soft goat cheese, toasted walnuts, grilled red onion, whole grain mustard vinaigrette (served warm) — Small 6.25 / Large 11.50

CHERRY PORK SALAD House-smoked pulled pork, romaine, dried Michigan cherries & crispy fried onions with our honey mustard dressing — Small 8.25 / Large 13.95

PIT CAESAR Romaine lettuce, wood-grilled croutons, pit-smoked pecorino, house Caesar dressing — Small 6.75 / Large 11.25

HOUSE SALAD Chopped romaine, red cabbage, spinach & baby kale, house-smoked pecorino, diced cucumber, roasted marinated tomatoes, spicy fried garbanzo beans, scratch red wine vinaigrette — Small 5.50 / Large 10.95

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HALF CHICKEN Brown sugar-rubbed & smoked — 18.95

PULLED PORK SHOULDER Green hickory slow-smoked, tossed in Woodshop NC vinegar sauce — 17.25 Add a brioche bun $1.50

BRISKET Heavily rubbed & smoked for 14 hours, slow & low in green hardwood — 17.95

BACK RIBS Half rack, hickory-smoked till they pull clean from the bone — 19.95

MASHERS House-made redskin mashed potatoes
HAND-CUT FRIES With Fire Hall mayo
POTATO SALAD Red skin potatoes, whole grain mustard, dill, red onion & house smoked bacon
BBQ BAKED BEANS Woodshop bacon, TN BBQ & brown sugar
OLD SCHOOL SLAW Sweet vinegar mayo base, scallion, carrots
SEASONAL VEG Ever-changing

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MAC & CHEESE Vermont sharp cheddar & mild Pinconning layered with penne rigate, crunchy crust top — 14.50     WITH BITS OF HOUSE-CUT HAM  — Add 2.25

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BBQ BAKED BEANSWoodshop bacon, TN BBQ & brown sugar

OLD-SCHOOL SLAWSweet vinegar mayo base, scallion & carrots

SEASONAL VEGEver-changing

MASHERSHouse-made redskin mashed potatoes

HAND-CUT FRIESWith Fire Hall mayo

SIDE MACA small portion of the stuff of legend

POTATO SALADRed skin potatoes, mustard, dill, red onion & bacon

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KOREAN PORK TACOSThree tacos with house-pulled pork, scratch Korean BBQ sauce & cilantro-lime slaw on Detroit-made flour tortillas, served with a side of tortilla chips and nacho cheese — 12.25

FISH TACOSThree beer battered Atlantic cod tacos, Sriracha mayo & malay radish slaw on Detroit-made flour tortillas, served with a side of tortilla chips & nacho cheese — 13.50

MEATLOAF SANDWICHAngus beef and pork with house-made Memphis BBQ glaze on griddled Texas toast with house-smoked cheddar & crispy fried onion, served with potato salad — 12.95

THE GREAT SOUTHERN TRENDKILLButtermilk battered & fried Nashville hot chicken topped with house-smoked cheddar & old-school slaw on a brioche bun with mayo & pickles — 14.50

PULLED PORK SANDWICH12-hr. smoked pork, pulled and tossed in NC sauce, topped with house-pickled chilies & old-school slaw on a brioche bun, served with potato salad — 12.50

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CRISPY POTATO TACOSThree corn tortillas stuffed with 3-cheese blend & pan-fried cumin mashed potato. Topped with chipotle salsa & radish slaw, house salad on the side — 12.95

MEMPHIS MEATLOAFAngus beef & pork with woodgrilled vegetables and our memphis BBQ glaze, mashers & seasonal veg on the side — 16.50

FISH & CHIPSBeer-battered Atlantic cod, old-school slaw, scratch-made roast garlic & dill tartar sauce, hand-cut fries & Fire Hall mayo on the side — 16.25

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MARGHERITAFresh mozzarella, tomato basil sauce & fresh basil — 13.25

3 MEAT TRIOCanadian bacon, pulled pork & smoked brisket, onions, Memphis BBQ & 3-cheese blend — 15.25

PEPPERONICupping pepperoni, 3-cheese blend & tomato basil sauce — 12.95

PINEAPPLE & BACONHouse-smoked Canadian bacon, grilled fresh pineapple, red onions, tomato basil sauce & 3-cheese blend — 13.95

  • axe

    When a man becomes a fireman his greatest act of bravery has been accomplished. What he does after that is all in the line of work.

    — Edward F. Croker —
  • fireman

    All men are created equal,
    then a few become firemen.

    — Author Unknown —
  • badge

    The funny thing about firemen is, night and day,
    they are always firemen.

    — Gregory Widen, Backdraft —


201 South Leroy Street
Fenton, Michigan 48430
(810) 936-0442

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